Expressive Arts Center
Dawn D. Collins, M.A., CMP
87 Sunset Drive, Stuyvesant, NY 12173
(518) 424-2342
Ongoing Services by appointment: 

Private Expressive Arts Sessions for self-enrichment and expanded awareness of emotions and their outcomes; Reiki energy therapy
Private Music for Healing and Sound Healing Work
Mountain Dulcimer, private instruction and group (Monday AM and Friday AM)
Native American Style Flute instruction and flute circle coordinator.  

Please call and or email to indicate interest and
schedule desired, ask about our rates.


Whittier Nursing Home, every Tuesday afternoon, Certified Music Practitioner Music for Healing and Transition services for Unit 1, 2, 3 

Please visit our other website at O Let's Make Music.


Family or Day Care Celebrations
An opportunity to share songs (traditional, contemporary, mixed ethnic, favorite family standards, and some original tunes) for mixed ages, intergenerational.  Stories and art projects may be incorporated if scheduling permits.  A large variety of instruments and props will be utilized, such as, boomwhackers, parachutes, bath scrunchy "snowballs," scarves, puppets, ribbon streamers, rolling balls, ElastaBlast, and squeakies.   

Instructor, Dawn Collins, M.A., CMP, has completed certification in Yoga of the Voice as taught by Silvia Nakkach, Vox Mundi Project, Emeryville, CA, and has her Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy.  
Visit for further background.

'Head Trash Anonymous' upstate NY chapter, meets monthly on second Sunday afternoon of month (unless posted otherwise in advance), and includes positive awareness, guided meditation, expressive and creative activities in order to promote appreciation and focus on the present.  This is NOT a twelve step group.  It is open to adults and mature teens.  It is not talk therapy or a substitute for professional treatment.