Welcome to the Expressive Arts Center!

Dawn D. Collins, M.A.
Music & Arts Professional Services
Certified Music Practitioner,
Music for Healing & Transition 
87 Sunset Drive, Stuyvesant, NY 12173
(518) 424-2342
email: musicartsexpress@gmail.com
"He who works with his hands is a laborer.  He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.  He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist."  St. Francis of Assisi  
Enter into the expressive arts and discover!

The expressive arts are all of the following:  

Sound and Music - toning, vocal soundwork, song, rhythm and instrumental music; recitation of story or poetry.  Vocal and/or instrumental music and sound may be from general song/tune repertoire or improvisational.  See our family/children's music services at O Let's Make Music.  Click link to left.

Movement - free style, with and without music, and sometimes with the addition of props (scarves, parachutes, streamers, stretchy bands, etc.)

Visual - painting, drawing, collage, clay, monoprinting, felting, marbling, jewelry making, etc.  Please see description of Elements of Art (visual) on Services page, scroll to bottom.

Written - poetry, journaling, fiction and non-fiction story, and songwriting

What the expressive arts may do for you....or for someone you love:

tap creative resources
connect with senses
build self-confidence 
explore inner feelings and strengths
deepen self-awareness
develop self-determination
increase self-esteem 
increase ability to problem solve
enhance relaxation
explore the imagination
reduce stress
increase play range
enhance social skills
increase abilities to focus  
increase spontaneity

All ages are served.  Private confidential sessions or customized group sessions and workshops are available, including homeschoolers small groups.  (View a sampling on our Services page.)  Let's design a program that will suit you! 

Opening Tune:  Evening Breeze, "Flute Haven Journeys" 2015
Compilation CD by Richard Brooner, Dawn Collins, Jim Kirk

The Expressive Arts Center offers a range of therapeutic arts-based programs and services designed for individuals and groups who are seeking to develop, discover, enhance, explore, and nurture their creative process.  Group expressive arts experiences encourage individuals to release their creative spirit without fear of judgment, and the feedback process is a witnessing of the artistic rendering.   Each individual's emotions are deeply respected whether working privately or in a group.  In a group, the community is guided on how to give supportive witness to others (not judgment or criticism).   Group work encourages enhanced communication and building of bonded community or family relationships.

Dawn is a Certified Vibroacoustic Therapist, trained by Kate Kunkel, Vibroacoustic Therapist International, Markham, Ontario.  

Evening Breeze from upcoming CD by Dawn